Emphasising personalisation movements in contemporary management education: the impact on learning environments

Rich, Martin and Holtham, Clive and Brown, Ann and Eyt-Dessus, Annora and Norris, Leona (2013) Emphasising personalisation movements in contemporary management education: the impact on learning environments. In: 2nd Moodle Research Conference (MRC2013), 4th and 5th October, 2013, Sousse, Tunisia.

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Initial research in this project looked at opportunities for personalisation in specific degrees within the authors’ immediate remit. This led to the elaboration of initial ‘colours’ of personalisation and an awareness of the logistic and economic solutions, and challenges, that these approaches could bring to teaching. From this, a 'palette' was elaborated to offer the basis of a set of design principles that could be adopted more widely to produce new personalised material. However, some of the new or enhanced features in Moodle 2.4 began to change our thinking about what we could achieve, moving beyond Moodle as merely technical support for what we currently do. Instead, we are focussing on how Moodle 2 allows us to develop and refine our educational practice so that we start doing things that were just not possible before, to support excellent student learning. The current next stage of this research now aims to look beyond single courses to build references and models for staff to approach personalisation, to provide a more tailored, more responsive, and more independent learning experience for students. Further work is underway to trial new methods of student input, independent learning, and staff feedback, with analysis of performance for any good practice emerging. The outcomes from these activities will then be structured, formalised, and simplified to bring personalisation to more courses, raising the bar for student education throughout the Business school.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Moodle, Moodle 2.4, personalisation, conditional release, student-informed design
Subjects: Educational technology > Personalisation and adaptivity
Divisions: Higher education, Universities, Vocational training, Colleges
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