About the Moodle Research Library

This is a collection of publications of Moodle-related research. You are invited to share your relevant publications.

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What research is contained here?

This repository contains research outputs relevant to the Moodle project and the works of Moodle's community of users.

To be relevant to the Moodle community, research does not specifically need to mention the Moodle name, the project or even the community. In many research fields, aligning with a single product is tantamount to showing a bias, which can be unacceptable. With this understanding, many papers included here do not mention Moodle explicitly, but are still included because of their potential benefit to the project and community.

Why does Moodle have a library of research papers?

Moodle is an open source project supporting millions of users around the world through the generous contributions of community members. People contribute to the Moodle project in different ways, including development, documentation and resaerch. Moodle, being open source, is often customised to facilitate research, in a way that commerncial systems cannot be. Research has a significant impact on the future development of Moodle and has the potential to benefit all users. Encouraging research allows researchers to contribute to that future development.

This repository exists to promote and share research outputs. It allows the Moodle community to be more aware of research that may effect them and the Moodle project. It highlights reearch work in a way that can be easily search and indexed, thus leading to increase citations and propogation.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this repository or its content, please email research@moodle.com.