Educational Reward Moodle Plug-In

Chen, Cheng-Li and Zhao, Yiyang and Luo, Anni and Chang, Maiga and Qian, Dongming and Kuo, Rita and Chang, Hung-Yi (2017) Educational Reward Moodle Plug-In. p. 8.

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Reward is a common way to increase students' motivation in traditional classroom learning. The traditional rewards, such as stamps and stickers, are usually symbolic and valueless to students and may not get students motivated. The research team designed an educational reward plug-in which evaluates students’ performance on learning activities in Moodle and delivers them in-game items as rewards. Whenever students complete learning activities (e.g., assignments, quizzes, and discussions), the reward plug-in decides whether or not an educational reward which they can use in the game should be given according to the predefined criteria their teacher set. When students have better performance in terms of doing learning activities, they will receive more powerful in-game items from the reward plug-in. With these powerful in-game items' help, students can have more fun in the game-play or even show-off the items that they have to other students. For this reason, students may put more efforts on doing their homework and may be actively participated in the discussions in the class for getting better rewards.

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