Implementation of Intercultural Telecollaborative Exchanges

Jones, Mizuho and Yamauchi, Mari (2013) Implementation of Intercultural Telecollaborative Exchanges. In: 2nd Moodle Research Conference (MRC2013), 4th and 5th October, 2013, Sousse, Tunisia.

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The 2012 telecollaborative exchange project delivered multiple activities for nine weeks based primarily on Moodle, with the educational goals of motivating students to interact inter-culturally, and developing their cultural awareness. 40 students from a language class in China and from a seminar class in Japan participated. This project, conducted mainly in Japanese, was intended also to meet different learning needs of both Chinese learners of Japanese and Japanese students studying cross-cultural communication. Using Moodle gives us opportunities and the participants were engaged in weekly tasks using Forum, Choice, NanoGong, PowerPoint slides and Skype video calls, which were arranged to offer both inter-class interactions and small-group discussions within a mixed group of students from both classes. This project yielded some positive results in terms of the educational/learning goals, though more active participation should be encouraged. Some of the Moodle functionalities, used in combination with other tools, worked fine and helped raise students’ motivation in this exchange project, while others did not work as planned or expected by the authors, which will lead to a modified approach to the following project. This presentation evaluates this 2012 attempt based on the participants’ feedback and output, and their behaviors observed on Moodle and in class, and explores ways to maximize future intercultural telecollaboration via Moodle.

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