New Progresses in the Domestic Research on Moodle

Jide, Wang and Li, Zhang (2009) New Progresses in the Domestic Research on Moodle. Journall of Distance Education, 2009 (5). pp. 15-18. ISSN 1672-0008

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The unceasing development of the domestic informatization learning makes Moodle research have received the unprecedented attention, and simultaneously have also made the new progress and the breakthrough: the research of promoting process of Moodle localization from the original features of Moodle and installation of exploration enters the research stage to reflect on; the research of design and development of Moodle-based network curriculum pays more attention to research in the teaching practice foundation to propose the new design model; in the domain that the network teaching and the network collaborative learning are carried out by Moodle, empirical study is received more and more attention; the research of conducting teacher training by Moodle shifts to combine case and summary the model and method of optimization training; several new research areas can open up, including development technology of Moodle SCORM curriculum package, Moodle module re-design and re-development and so on.

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