Case Studies: Using Moodle for Collaborative Learning with University and Senior Secondary Students

Paynter, Mark and Bruce, Neville (2012) Case Studies: Using Moodle for Collaborative Learning with University and Senior Secondary Students. In: 1st Moodle Research Conference (MRC2012), 13-15 September, 2012, Heraklion, Crete.

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The recently developed Australian Curriculum recognises the global changes that impact on the learning programs for all education institutions. We are now a globalised society, where the challenge of an economic crisis in one part of the world has widespread implications. Civil wars and famines lead to humanitarian crises and refugee migration that have an international impact. The Centre for Integrated Human Studies at the University of Western Australia recognises that the 21st Century provides humankind with significant global challenges on a number of fronts – social, economic and ecological. Providing students with the knowledge and skills to connect with members of the global community will ensure our future citizens are well equipped to contribute to meeting these tests. Learning management systems such as Moodle are seen as key strategies to enable education which prepares students for a challenging future. Since 2009, The Centre for Integrated Human Studies has developed post-graduate programs using Moodle as their learning management system. During this period a unique senior secondary program in regional Western Australia that incorporates the use of high definition IP video conferencing also has been developed with Moodle. This combination of Moodle and regular video conferencing enables a high degree of class engagement and collaboration from students across up to five schools. The post- graduate program currently has 40 off-campus national and international enrolments and the secondary program about 80 students over seven courses. In reporting on these two case studies, this paper will describe how these programs have developed and the school-based research undertaken. The next phase of the development will be using Moodle to support collaboration between the university and secondary schools.

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